iPads Replace Desktops For Ohio Social Workers

iPads Replace Desktops For Ohio Social Workers

Local City and County governments across the land are searching for ways to cut expenses and still be able to provide needed services for their citizens. Enter “Operation iPad.”

WCPO reports that The Hamilton County (Ohio) Commissioners have approved the purchase of 187 iPads for use by county social workers. The hope is that the $330,000 purchase will enable the workers to be more efficient and better able to help their clients, the children of the county.

Currently the social workers are chained to their desks using desktop PCs. Workers make 4 or 5 visits to the homes of children they oversee across the County. The case workers must make hand-written notes about each case, and then travel back to the Hamilton County Jobs and Family Services offices downtown to enter the notes and other information from memory into the system.

iPad technology will allow the caseworkers to access the information about each case before making each visit, and allow them to enter updated data about the visit while it is still fresh in their minds.

The State of Ohio has cut Jobs and Family Services funding by 45% in the last 4 years.It is hoped the use of the iPads will allow the county to cut expenses, yet insureĀ a high level of service is maintained.