Mac Tip: Better Sound In iTunes

Mac Tip: Better Sound In iTunes

This Mac tip is provided by Mark Greentree and was originally posted on Mark’s blog – Everyday Mac Support. For more of Mark’s tips visit his site, follow him on Twitter, or browse his archive of posts here.

How To: Better Sound In iTunes

Did you know you can achieve a much more pleasing sound output from iTunes by using the iTunes Equalizer in the ‘Window’ menu of iTunes. Alternatively, to access this are click Command-Option-2.

iTunes Equalizer

Apple gives the user a wide range of preset options to choose from. You can also modify any of these presets and create your own from scratch if you wish.

Now that you know where the equalizer is located you can customise your sound to suit the sound system or headphones you have.

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  1. Fred says:

    Yes, everybody knew that.

    1. You would be amazed at how many new users to the Mac and computers in general do not know these facts. Hence it is valuable information to them.

    2. Bob Autrey says:

      It’s okay NOT to post when you don’t really have anything constructive to add… 

  2. you should’ve researched further and made this more thorough by suggesting subtractive equalization settings.   read the comments here regarding ‘subtractive’ settings.

    1. Thanks for this additional information. 

      Obviously this is a hint you have referenced is from a competing site and as such it would have been plagarism for me to copy their ‘perfect’ equaliser settings.

      Please note that audio is also very subjective and as such a ‘perfect’ setting is fine to the author of the article but may not be fine to the masses.

  3. Shellina says:

    Was fooled by the “better sound” part of the headline. If you knew anything about high-end audio, you would have known that to keep equalisers disconnected and thereby avoid colorations to the sound is the only way to produce better sounds. iTunes itself is not very good sounding, and there are far better alternatives like Decibel, Audirvana, Pure Sound for audio playback on a MAC. For a brief moment I thought you meant someone had come up with a way to improve the sound of iTunes (not by switching on the EQ), but this was apparently not the case…

    1. Bob Autrey says:

      Well, don’t you feel silly then? 

    2. Thanks for your feelings on the matter. My apologies for a title which caused confusion.

      The reason I called it this and did not delve further into other available options is the fact that when you install iTunes for the first time or have a brand new Mac the equaliser within iTunes is turned off. As such turning it on and selecting a preset or creating your own is “better sound” for the new user to the Mac. 

  4. Bob Autrey says:

    I’ve seen the sound boards that the pro’s use to mix music recording. They literally have hundreds of settings that are adjusted though out the recording process to achieve just the right amount of bass, treble, mid’s, etc., that the artist wants. 

    Then we take that recording, load it into our audio player, jam the bass and treble up to FULL and call it a day… 

  5. aik | wae says:

    what do u expect from onboard soundcard ?

    1. Interesting reply. A few years ago I would have completely agreed with you. I feel that sound has come along way in recent years and we are now less dependent on high quality sound cards. 

      1. aik | wae says:

        ofcourse hardware still main aspect for sound, they produces sound, next step is software, no matter how expensive/good software, when they process low quality output from hardware, the result wont maximal, not only compt field, also  home theatre, audio sound etc

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