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Nearly 40% of All iPhones Are Already Running iOS 5

Nearly 40% of All iPhones Are Already Running iOS 5

It’s been nearly one month since Apple unveiled the latest major version of their iOS platform. The iOS 5 update has been very popular, and the latest research from Chitika Insights finds that nearly 40% of all iPhones are already running the update.

iOS 5 has also been well-received on the iPad, with 30% of users having already upgraded, although iPod touch users are a bit less quick to pull the trigger, as only 12% of iPod touch users have applied the update.

Chitika’s research is gathered using impressions to devices by its mobile ad network, which tends to provide a fairly accurate figure about which devices have and haven’t applied the update (as long as those devices are used to browse the web).

iOS 5’s adoption rate is extremely impressive, and has been adopted faster than previous iOS updates, likely fueled by the iPhone 4S, which ships with iOS 5 and highlights its features in a very compelling way.

While iOS 4 still has a wider install base than Apple’s latest version, I’d expect that to change fairly quickly shortly after Apple releases the iOS 5.0.1 update they’re already working on, as many users wait for the first update before upgrading their device.



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