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PopClip – iOS-Style Copy and Paste Comes to the Mac

PopClip – iOS-Style Copy and Paste Comes to the Mac

Pilotmoon has released a clever new Mac app, PopClip ($4.99, Mac App Store Link), which allows you to easily cut, copy and paste text on your Mac just like you would on an iOS device – without ever touching a keyboard!

In addition to simplifying the way you handle text clipping, explains TheNextWeb, the app can also be used to look up dictionary listings and perform google searches using only your mouse or trackpad.

The app, which lives in your Mac’s menu bar, is even smart enough to detect links and email addresses in copied text, regardless of whether they’re hyperlinked, and can be customized with a host of configuration options.

Whenever the app is running, a small menu will appear when you select text with your mouse or trackpad, bringing up options to run a google search, cut or copy the text, look it up in the dictionary, or replace the selection with previously copied text. What’s also cool is that the app won’t bother

With the app running, whenever you select text using the mouse, it will bring up a small menu with options to search for it on Google (which opens in a new tab if you are using your Web browser), cut or copy the text, replace it with previously copied text or look it up in the dictionary.

PopClip is available now from the Mac App Store for $4.99 (a free trial is available from PilotMoon’s website), and considering just how well it integrates into OS X, I’d say that’s a pretty good deal ($4.99, Mac App Store link).