Review: Communilator Translation App for iOS

Review: Communilator Translation App for iOS

I’ve tried a lot of different translation apps on the App Store, and they all have their positive and negative attributes. Communilator (Free, App Store Link), developed by Rant Network, has pretty much everything great about translation apps wrapped up into one. What Communilator does that other translation apps don’t, is translate foreign text by taking a photo or choosing from your camera roll. You can use anything physical such as books, directions, menus, newspapers – just take a picture and the foreign text will translate to your desired language.

Photo recognition and text to speech require an in-app purchase, while other aspects of the app are available for free. Text captured with the camera can be translated in 44 different languages. so chances are good that you should have no problem translating anything you need through a photo. Text-to-Speech can translate in 39 male and female voices and 21 different languages, which is a good amount, but hopefully more languages will be added in a future update. Another way to translate with Communilator is to just enter text, which is included in the free version of the app and translates in over 3,000 language-pairs.

Another helpful feature in Communilator is the ability to translate SMS messages and email. Through this feature, you can communicate in 54 different languages, which is great, especially when you’re abroad on a vacation, on a business trip, or on a foreign website. You can also save history and favorites to view offline. I found this feature pretty useful, especially when trying to remember everyday phrases in a different language – this helps you pick up on them a lot quicker.

When using the photo recognition, I tried to take a photo of something on a monitor I was trying to translate. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to do this. I think a lot of users would find this helpful, mostly when they’re trying to view an article on a website and they want to quickly translate a specific part of the article. While using the camera and photo recognition, I had some problems connecting to the server. I received a message that said “System error-please try again soon” It only occurred once or twice while attempting. This may be a bug, so hopefully it will be fixed in the next update.


Communilator is a great translation app. It has more features than any other translation app I have stumbled upon. If you want to get everything the app has to offer, I recommend upgrading to the full version for $2.99, which includes all of the features. Having the ability to translate 54 languages is a huge plus, and having the ability to translate SMS and emails make Communilator worth picking up from the app store .

Rating: 4/5[rating:4]

Price:(Free, App Store Link)


  • Translate in 54 different languages
  • Camera and Photo recognition
  • Text to Speech in 39 voices and 21 languages


  • Lacks the ability to translate from a screen or monitor