Review: Computer Apparel V-Neck Sleeve

Review: Computer Apparel V-Neck Sleeve

The iPad already looks pretty amazing, but would it look even better if it were wearing the right shirt? Computer Apparel thinks so, and has produced their V-Neck Sleeve cases ($49.99-$69.99, link) on exactly that premise.

Computer Apparel offers padded cases for the iPad, MacBook Pro and other devices that resemble folded-up T-shirts, while providing solid protection for your device.

The appeal of these cases goes beyond mere appearance, however, as the cases not only resemble clothing, but function like clothing as well, featuring sleeves and pockets that look and function like the pockets on actual clothing would. They’re also machine-washable, just like actual clothing.

Computer Apparel’s offerings contain several pockets, providing plenty of room for your device’s power adapter, cables, and perhaps even a few magazines. The 13″ and larger versions of the case even contain a front shirt pocket big enough to hold an iPhone.

Besides the unique design and well-managed storage space, Computer Apparel’s cases are also durable and well-built. Featuring strong double seems and durable fabric, these cases can easily handle rough treatment, and the internal padding is more than adequate for cushioning, protecting and storing your device.


Rating: 4.5/5[rating:4.5]

In short, the Computer Apparel V-Neck Crew is one of the most creative cases I have seen so far, and provides ample protection for your device and durable construction, as well as enough storage space to carry a few extras.

Not only is the V-Neck Crew unique and attractive, it also performs every bit as well as any other sleeve-style case I’ve seen, all while keeping a relatively low price point.

The Computer Apparel V-Neck Crew is available now in a variety of colors, and starts at $39.99 for an iPad-sized case, with versions for the 13-inch, 15-inch and 17-inch MacBook Pro available for $49.99, $59.99 and $69.99, respectively.

For more information, or to purchase one of these unique cases for yourself, visit Computer Apparel’s product page on the web.