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Review: Sit or Squat – Find a Clean Restroom While on the Go!

Review: Sit or Squat – Find a Clean Restroom While on the Go!

Your preparation for Black Friday is to drink 6 cups of coffee so you can have that extra edge – that little boost that no one else has when it comes time to arm wrestling for that last XBox 360 or Bouncing Elmo doll. It works for you, you’re alert, you have the tiger’s blood pulsing through your veins. But then, the lease is up on all that coffee! You have to find a restroom, preferably a CLEAN restroom NOW.  You need “Sit or Squat“.


When you’re out and about, a clean restroom can be a tough thing to find. “Sit or Squat” is an app that attempts to help you do just that. When you start up the app you’ll see a map of your current location. Hopefully, for the sake of your bladder, you’ll also see flags on the screen indicating nearby restrooms. A red flag means the restroom is closed, green is open, and orange means the hours of the location are unknown.

Tap a flag, and box pops up listing the name and address of the business with the available restroom. Touch the box, and the detail screen appears. The detail screen list information such as: the hours of availability, a 1 to 5 star rating, a link to reviews, notes about the restroom, features, (such as a changing station, or handicap access,) and most importantly, whether to “sit or squat”. If you’re a registered user (membership is free, and you can sign up through the app,) you can enter a review, and additional information about the facility. You can also take photos of the facility and upload them through the app.

As well as a map view, the app will also display a list view. One amusing touch in the app is that while it’s loading information, such as the list view, an animation of two stick figures doing the “gotta go” dance is displayed.


Squat or Sit is an app that accomplishes it’s intended task: finding a clean restroom nearby. It earns extra points for having additional information such as whether or not a changing station is available, and the 5 star rating system, so you can see at a glance how the restroom rates. The app is a handy one to have in your arsenal for those times when you’re away from home and nature calls.

Rating: 4/5[rating:4]

This free app is available now in the App Store.


  • Easy to view restroom availability, tell at a glance if a restroom is nearby.
  • Fun to use app, entertaining animations while waiting for info to load.
  • Ability to update information about the restroom. Comes in handy if the info was WAY OFF!


  • Need a membership to use some features (although membership is free).
  • It’s a sponsored app, so you see an ad while the app is starting.