Settlement Reached in Magsafe Connector Lawsuit

Settlement Reached in Magsafe Connector Lawsuit

Apple has posted a new support document listing procedures users should follow if they experience strain relief problems with their “T” style MagSafe power cables on Apple notebook products. Issues with fraying on those cables resulted in a redesign to an “L” style connector that is less prone to wear.

MacRumors reported on the settlement, saying that while Apple has offered a replacement program for years to users whose MagSafe adapters have exhibited signs of strain relief problems, the company has updated its support materials to reflect that a settlement has been reached in a court case over the design of the connectors.

Under the terms of the settlement, Apple will offer full or partial refunds to customers who purchased replacement adapters, and will also continue to cover the cost of replacement adapters for users who have any future problems pertaining to this issue.

For users who purchased a replacement adapter within one year of purchase of the original computer, Apple will pay a $79 cash payment, users who replaced their adapters in the 2nd year will receive $50 and those who replaced in the 3rd year will get $35.

The settlement will provide a cash payment if you are the original owner (by purchase or gift) of certain Apple MacBook or MacBook Pro computer models (“Subject Computer”) or separately purchased an Apple 60W or 85W MagSafe MPM-1 (“T”) Power Adapter (“Adapter”), your Adapter showed signs of Strain Relief Damage, and you purchased a Replacement Adapter within the first three years following the initial purchase of the Subject Computer or Adapter. If the court approves the settlement, you may be entitled to a cash payment in the following amounts depending on whether you purchased your Replacement Adapter during the first, second or third year following the initial retail purchase of the Subject Computer or Adapter: (a) first year, the actual amount you paid (excluding taxes and shipping/handling fees) up to a maximum of $79; (b) second year $50; (c) third year $35. There is a limit of three refunds per Subject Computer. You may also be able to obtain a Replacement Adapter at no charge from Apple if your Adapter shows signs of Strain Relief Damage now or in the future.