Siri Hacked to Control Your Mac

Siri Hacked to Control Your Mac

Just one week after Siri was originally hacked to control a home thermostat, new hacks are popping up left and right, and now Siri has even been hacked to control your Mac!

iDownloadBlog reports that the latest plugin to use the Siri proxy hack, developed by Ian J. McDowell, allows users to launch and control programs on Mac OS X using custom voice commands.

While the plugin shows potential, the commands are currently somewhat “robotic” due to the way the developer programmed it, but it could easily be adapted to accept natural-language commands in the future.

None of these neat Siri proxy hacks are currently available to end users, mainly because Apple doesn’t support custom commands for Siri yet, but this still shows some pretty amazing potential.

Check out the below video to see the plugin in action: