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Steve Jobs Coached Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s Company Focus

Steve Jobs Coached Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s Company Focus

Many tech icons came forth after the passing of Steve Jobs to share how he influenced their lives or their company, but according to Bloomberg, Mark Zuckerberg admits that Steve Jobs actually coached him directly on how to build Facebook as a business.

The information comes from a interview between Zuckerberg and Charlie Rose, which will be airing on the show tonight. Jobs and Zuckerberg discuss a number of topics, as this excerpt from the interview transcript details:

Mark Zuckerberg: Oh, I don’t know. I mean, he — he’s amazing. He was amazing. I mean, he — I had a lot of questions for him on –

Charlie Rose: Like what?

Mark Zuckerberg: How to build a team around you, right, that’s focused on building as high quality and good things as you are. How to keep an organization focused, right, when I think the tendency for larger companies is to try to fray and go into all these different areas. Yeah, I mean a lot just on the aesthetics and kind of mission orientation of companies. I mean, Apple is a company that is so focused on just building products that — for their customers and their users. And — and that’s like — it’s such a deep part of their mission is build these beautiful products for their users. And I think we connected a lot on this level of, okay, Facebook has this mission that’s really more than just trying to build a company, right, that has a market cap or a value. It’s like we’re trying to do this thing in the world. And I don’t know, a lot of it I just think we connected on that level.

I suppose there’s really no better person to take business advice from than Steve Jobs himself – and I’m sure Mark Zuckerberg was glad for his mentorship. The full Charlie Rose interview will air on Bloomberg tonight at 7 PM & 10 PM Eastern, and 8 PM and 11 PM Central. The full transcript of the interview can be found at AllThingsD. An excerpt can be viewed below: