Apple Loses iPad Trademark in China

Apple Loses iPad Trademark in China

Apple has lost a lawsuit against Chinese company Proview Technology over the iPad trademark, reports Financial Post. Apple initially sued the company last year, which has owned the “iPad” trademark since 2000.

The company threatened to sue Apple over trademark infringement last year, valuing the trademark at $800 million. Apple argued that its $55,000 purchase of the European trademark from Proview last year included the Chinese rights, which Proview values at $800 million.

Today’s ruling shows that China’s legal system apparently does not agree, and Proview has followed up their victory by suing Apple for $1.6 billion for violating the trademark in China. Apple has not responded to a request for comment.

It’s likely that Apple will attempt to appeal the decision, should such an option be available, and may have to resort to a settlement with Proview in order to continue using the trademark.

  1. Spike8101 says:

    800 Billion dollars? That has to be a joke…

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