Apple TV Hacked to Run Side-By-Side iOS Apps (Video)

Apple TV Hacked to Run Side-By-Side iOS Apps (Video)

Well-known iOS hacker and jailbreak developer Steven Troughton-Smith has been working with another developer named Nick (@TheMupKid), and together the pair have put together an app launcher and working window manager for the Apple TV – a framework for running iPhone and iPad apps on the device.

It will likely be quite some time before their system becomes available to the public, but the prospect of running iOS apps on an Apple TV is definitely exciting and interesting.

It might be a while before we actually see this publicly available but the idea is as exciting now as the original jailbreak apps were back in the early days of iOS, before the introduction of the iOS App Store.

With any luck, these efforts may open up some eyes in Cupertino and make Apple consider allowing third-party apps on the Apple TV, just like the original iPhone jailbreaks helped bring the App Store to iOS.

Check out the below video demo to see it all in action!