Apple’s 15 Years of NeXT

Apple’s 15 Years of NeXT

AppleInsider has a lengthy article about the 15 years since Apple’s purchase of NeXT, which was the brainchild of Steve Jobs during his time “in the wilderness”.

Daniel Eran Dilger writes:

Fifteen years ago, Apple announced plans to acquire NeXT Software, a move that would ultimately bring Steve Jobs back to the company he cofounded twenty years earlier.

In the decade and a half since the acquisition of NeXT, Apple was completely reinvented as a company, gaining new technology and direction from NeXT while being entirely rethought by a new management team led by Jobs, including many executives and engineers from NeXT.

The article relates the story of how Apple came to purchase NeXT, it’s influence on Mac OS X, and how it lead to Steve Job’s, and Apple’s return to greatness.

It’s an interesting read, and recommended for any Apple history buffs interested in the history of their favorite company.