Clever iPhone Trick: See the Inside of Your Own Ear

Clever iPhone Trick: See the Inside of Your Own Ear

Everyone wants to look inside their own ear, right? Well, OK. maybe not. But how about the back of your head? Want to keep tabs on that ever-growing bald spot on the top of your head? Erica Sadun over at TUAW, tells us how to do all of the above, and more by using your iPhone 4S and a handy Apple TV.

Here are the directions from Erica:

“Just enable AirPlay. Double-click the Home button, swipe to the right twice, select your Apple TV as your AirPlay destination and enable Mirroring.

Then, click Home and run the camera app. You’ll be able to see what the camera sees because its preview mirrors to your home TV, even when your arm is stuck behind a dresser. You can also point the iPhone camera (front or back) at your ear, your nose, or your back — letting you see through your phone by watching your TV.”

She also suggests using a flashlight along with the phone to help you explore the darker parts of your house.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to look for spare change under the couch. I’ll bet I can find enough to pay for my new iPhone 4S and Apple TV…