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Customer Survey: Apple is the Top Online Electronics Retailer

Customer Survey: Apple is the Top Online Electronics Retailer

In a recent customer satisfaction survey, Apple has once again been named as the top computer and electronic retailer. It had the second highest score overall, coming in behind online leader Amazon.

AppleInsider reports:

ForeSee Results published the results of the holiday edition of its U.S. E-Retail Satisfaction Index early Wednesday… According to the survey, which polled more than 8,500 customers using the American Customer Satisfaction Index methodology, Amazon had the highest satisfaction rating with a score of 88 out of 100, while Apple tied for second overall with several other retailers, including Avon and JC Penney.

Among electronics retailers, Apple was first with a score of 83, followed by Newegg.com with 82 points. The Cupertino, Calif., company also took the top spot among electronics retailers last May.

While Apple and Amazon were among the winners for customer satisfaction this season, the report showed Netflix to be the big loser in 2011. Netflix had been neck and neck with Amazon in past years, but after several missteps this year, they saw a sharp drop in the survey, losing 7 points to drop to a score of 79.

Netflix had placed itself on the naughty list with many consumers by increasing prices for the rental of DVDs. The backlash prompted the company to try a spin off of it’s DVD mail service. A second wave of customer dissatisfaction caused the cancellation of that plan.

Netflix was a rare exception this year, as overall, customers were more satisfied this year than 2010. Overall satisfaction rated at 79. This tied the record set in 2009.

Customer satisfaction can have a direct effect on a retailer’s revenues. On average, a one point change in the score can result in a 14 percent change in their online revenue.