IDC: Kindle Fire to Drop iPad below 60% Q4 Market Share

IDC: Kindle Fire to Drop iPad below 60% Q4 Market Share

Amazon’s Kindle Fire is set to to take market share away from Apple this quarter, dropping the iPad’s share of the market down to 59 percent, according to a new analysis by market research firm IDC.

AppleInsider reports this morning that even though Apple has regained ground from Android tablets, IDC believes the iPad’s share of the market will slide in the December quarter, as gains are seen by low-end tablets from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Estimates are that the iPad has held on to a 61.5 percent market share worldwide, but is expected to see that share dip below the 60 percent mark next quarter.

AppleInsider says:

According to IDC, HP jumped up to second place in the tablet market in the third quarter, capturing a quick 5 percent share. Its presence was short-lived, though since the PC maker cleared out inventory after deciding to cancel the device just months after its release. Samsung came in third with a 5.6 percent share of the tablet market. Barnes & Noble’s Nook Color took the fourth spot with 4.5 percent and Asus came in fifth with 4 percent share.

The Android OS saw a dip in total market share in the third quarter, but IDC sees the Kindle Fire driving the platform past the 40 percent mark in the December quarter.

AppleInsider continues:

A number of analysts have begun revising their iPad estimates on the assumption that Apple’s tablet growth will be impacted by the Kindle Fire. Canaccord Genuity recently cut its iPad forecast by one million units in light of the Fire’s strong launch. Amazon revealed on Thursday that it had sold millions of the device, which has been the online retailer’s best-selling product for weeks now.

In the face of this, it is still believed Apple is still set to have it’s best quarter ever during the period. Analysts believe Apple will make gains with its iPad in the enterprise and education markets in 2012.