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Samsung to Make Increasing Efforts to Compete With iTunes

Samsung to Make Increasing Efforts to Compete With iTunes

Samsung plans to turn up the volume on its efforts to compete with Apple’s iTunes by directly providing content to customers who buy its TVs, smartphones and tablets.

AppleInsider reports on the Samsung press release issued Wednesday that announced the company has hired David Eun, previously president of AOL Media and Studios, as an executive vice president. Eun oversaw AOL’s premium content offerings.

The release said Eun “will play a key role in developing a global media strategy and driving new business opportunities to take advantage of Samsung’s growing number of digital televisions and displays, mobile phones, tablets and other connected devices.”

Eun said:

Samsung Electronics has an unparalleled footprint across multiple devices and platforms that provides a unique experience to consumers around the world. The competition for prominence in the living room has already begun, and Samsung Electronics is ideally situated to extend beyond that to connect the entire home and the lives of consumers. I’m looking forward to joining the impressive leadership already in place and to building a new presence in media for Samsung Electronics.

Samsung has launched smaller content efforts in the past, but with the hiring of Eun, they could be sending a message that the company plans to broaden its offerings. This will step up competition with Apple, who is a dominant force in online content, and also Google, who is newer to the content marketplace.

Eun’s hiring comes as an intense rivalry is being waged between Samsung and Apple. The rivalry has prompted Apple to seek other suppliers for components for its devices. Apple has been projected to buy $7.8 billion in parts from Samsung this year.

The two companies are involved in numerous legal battles around the world. Apple has accused Samsung of copying the look and feel of its devices, and Samsung has struck back with its own patent infringement lawsuits against Apple.

With rumors that Apple is developing a television line to launch next year, the rivalry between the two companies could grow even more. And don’t forget Google, as Google chairman Eric Schmidt said last week that he expects his company’s Google TV software to be on a “majority” of TVs sold in 2012.