Snapheal for Mac Hits the Mac App Store

Snapheal for Mac Hits the Mac App Store

MacPhun, makers of the popular FX Photo Studio apps for Mac and iOS, have released Snapheal ($9.99, Mac App Store link) – a new Mac app that allows for advanced photo editing without any special knowledge, and can even erase unwanted objects with ease.

Snapheal can:

  • Erase unwanted objects, delete skin imperfections and text
  • Fix images with clone&stamp tool
  • Adjust saturation, gamma, exposure, color temperature, etc
  • Reduce noise and sharpen images
  • Control shadows and highlights
  • Import pictures from Aperture and iPhoto
  • Export to iPhoto
  • Handle up to 32 megapixels
  • Work with Tiff, Raw, etc
  • And much more

Perhaps Snapheal’s best feature, however, is its unwanted object deletion and content-aware fill tools, which you can see at work in the photo above.

Snapheal for Mac will normally cost $19.99 from the Mac App Store, but is on sale from now through Christmas for $9.99 (Mac App Store link) to celebrate its launch, as well as the holiday season. Check out the below video to see Snapheal for Mac in action.