Study: iPhone 4S is Apple’s Most Popular iPhone Yet

Study: iPhone 4S is Apple’s Most Popular iPhone Yet

The iPhone 4S is the most popular iPhone yet, a study from Changewave Research has found. 96% of participants said that they were “satisfied” (77% saying “very satisfied” and 19% saying “somewhat satisfied”) with only 2% falling into the “unsatisfied” category.

It’s an improvement over the iPhone 4, where 72% were “very satisfied”. Customers were also asked to pick their favorite new features, with Siri topping the list, followed by the ease of use and the 8 megapixel camera.

Surprisingly, iCloud is only sixth on the list, and may hint that it has not been as successful as Apple would have liked it to be. But Siri was certainly a huge success as the stats show, and it will be hard for Apple to beat 96% satisfaction for their next phone. Still, for a company that seeks perfection, anything is possible.


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