Apple Releases New iTunes U App for iPad

Apple Releases New iTunes U App for iPad

Apple has announced a brand new iTunes U app for the iPad (free, App Store link) at their education event on Thursday. It will allow university/college students to view course materials, receive updates from their teachers and even sign up for classes. iTunes U also now accepts high school courses in addition to the university courses already available.

Apple showed off a “Core Concepts in Chemistry” course from Duke in the keynote, which looked impressive. Students can get an overview of the course, view teacher details, obtain the class syllabus, and even access information like the teacher’s office hours. It’s pretty amazing.

The app has sections for “Info,” “Posts,” “Notes” and “Materials.” The “Notes” tab allows students to modify their class notes and highlight text. The “Materials” tab lists what is needed for the course and the “Posts” updates students with work from teachers. It’s pretty impressive, and hopefully many universities will sign on to the concept.

So there it is – full courses, including notes, interactive content, the addition of high school courses – all for free! Pretty awesome stuff. The new iTunes U app is available now for free from the App Store (free, App Store link).

  1. Riverside Community College says:

    Yeah- the village idiot in our part of the land decided mac & itunes u was the way to go…not a bad option…except 98% of our user base are Windows users. Duuh!

    1. Chiguyyy says:

      You do realize that they make iTunes for the PC right?  I guess that covers the other 98%.  Duuh!

      1. GetReal4Real says:

        Yep. and expect the 98% to convert to mac & related products. Nice concept, duuh!

        1. Flyer says:

          sorry….convert what?

          1. GetReal4Real says:

            Haha! the better and more intelligent thing to do,rather than let a fanboy influence what was purchased and used because they were exited Steve Jobs grew a new beard hair…would have simply been to poll the users on what they are using (ie. how many of the 98% actually use itunes) and find out how many were actually interested in it in the first place.  Sounds like you all are looking for work at a cheese factory.

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