Apple Reveals Supplier List for First Time

Apple Reveals Supplier List for First Time

Apple has released their list of suppliers for the first time ever, the New York Times reports. This move was caused by the increasing demands of journalists, labor groups and academics for them to reveal their part manufacturers. The list was accompanied by a report detailing the practices within many of the suppliers.

The report revealed that 93 suppliers had at least half their workers exceeding the 60 hour work limit, with 108 facilities not paying overtime as required by the law. The list features 156 companies, but it does not include many of the secondary suppliers. Companies on the list range from big, well-known brand such as Intel to less well known Chinese manufacturers such as Zeniya Aluminum Engineering.

Apple claimed that 229 audits were conducted as part of this year’s supplier responsability report, an 80% increase over the previous year. This is the sixth report of this type that has been issued by Apple. The Fair Labor Association later released a statement praising Apple’s transparency.

“We welcome Apple’s commitment to greater transparency and independent oversight, and we hope its participation will set a new standard for the electronics industry.”

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