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Comcast Launches ‘AnyPlay’ Live Television Streaming Service for iPad

Comcast Launches ‘AnyPlay’ Live Television Streaming Service for iPad

Following reports back in September that Comcast was working on a live TV streaming service, the company has now begun rolling out its AnyPlay live TV streaming service for the iPad. The service is similar to offerings from other cable companies, such as Time Warner and CableVision.

The company officially announced the rollout to their customers today. Xfinity HD Triple Play customers in Denver and Nashville will be the first to get the new service, with additional markets added over time. The service is launching on the iPad first, and will eventually come to the Morotola Xoom as well.

The service requires a separate AnyPlay receiver, which works like a set-top box, but delivers your incoming channel lineup through WiFi, which then broadcasts the signal to your iPad or other device over your home network. The service will work as long as you are within network range, allowing you to turn your iPad into a second television screen

Comcast’s existing Xfinity TV app for the iPad, which features a host of on-demand movies and shows, is used to access the new service. Comcast is currently the largest cable and internet provider in the United States.

  1. Joshua Buckwalter says:

    #FAIL.  Unless I am mis-understanding the write up it sounds to me like you’ll only be able to use it while you’re on the same wifi network as the device. What purpose does that serve? The iPad is a mobile device – the service is most valuable when I am away from my home television, not in another room. Comcast is again behind the curve, and this is exactly why services like Hulu and Netflix are going to dominate in the coming year.

    I suppose if I wanted to watch TV in the bathroom this would be helpful…

    1. You’re reading it correctly. But I can still see usefulness – I sometimes enjoy watching content in the living room or the bedroom, neither of which have a TV. Right now, I can only watch Netflix or other content on my iPad. It will be nice to be able to watch live TV as well.

  2. Adam says:

    This could have been a cool service but have the same home
    network requirement that almost all of the other TV providers restricted their
    apps with. As a DISH employee I know that we are the only ones that actually
    let you stream from any 3g, 4g, or WIFI network connection. With my Sling
    Adapter I have access to all of my live channels and DVR content on nearly any
    device from Apple or Android. A recent update for the iPad added Video On
    Demand from HBO and other movie channels. At least Comcast is going to support
    Android with the Xoom, most of the other providers are stuck on the iPad.

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