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Final Cut Pro X Updated With Multicam Editing, Enhanced XML, And More

Final Cut Pro X Updated With Multicam Editing, Enhanced XML, And More

Apple has released a major update to Final Cut Pro X, bringing the version to 10.0.3. The update brings a number of significant enhancements, such as multicam editing and enhanced XML for better plugin and third-party app support.

What’s New in Version 10.0.3

This update improves overall stability and performance and adds the following features:

• Multicam editing with automatic sync and support for mixed formats, mixed frame rates, and up to 64 camera angles
• Advanced chroma keying with controls for color sampling and edge quality
• Media relink for manual reconnect of projects and Events to new media
• Ability to import and edit layered Photoshop graphics
• XML 1.1 with support for primary color grades, effect parameters, and audio keyframes
• Beta version of broadcast monitoring with third-party PCIe and Thunderbolt I/O devices

This update is recommended for all users of Final Cut Pro X

The release follows Apple’s promise to bring support for more major features to FCPX after the release was met with a significant degree of critical backlash after launch. In addition to multicam editing and enhanced XML, the update also features broadcast monitoring with Thunderbolt support (although this feature is still in beta), as well as advanced chroma keying.

The Broadcast monitoring in Final Cut Pro X launches enables users to connect to waveform displays, vectorscopes and high-quality monitors in order to met specifications for broadcast.

Final Cut Pro X 10.0.3 is available immediately through the Mac App Store for $299.99 (Mac App Store link). Apple has also rolled out  Motion 5.0.2 ($49.99, Mac App Store link) and Compressor 4.0.2 ($49.99, Mac App Store link) as companions to the updated Final Cut Pro X.

  1. Todd M. says:

    I still don’t see backwards comparability with previous versions or multi-device installation on single license.  Avid is still more useful and functional than this is prior to this update or after. Final Cut Pro X should be renamed iMovie Advanced. It’s much like Windows Live Movie Maker. They took a fairly functional and useful software package and cut it apart with a mallet and turned it into a basically useless App.

    1. Guest says:

      You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. What a stunning display of ignorance. You will do well to consider that multi-device installation is very possible. I have installed Final Cut Pro X on 5 separate Macs already, through 1 licence, all via the purchased tab on the Mac App store. Secondly, if you actually spent time with the software rather than disgracefully attacking it by linking it to iMovie and Windows Live, you might learn something. Avid may have its superior advantages, but FCP Pro X is a revolutionary jump that the likes of you, at this stage, clearly do not deserve.

      I hope you come to your senses.

      1. Video Editor says:

        As a Video Editor who works on macs all day, I totally agree with Todd.

        It’s basically iMovie. Editing for kids.

        If you’re a teenager with rich folks and they bought you the MacBook Pro an DSLR then FCP X is for you. If you’re a professional who wants to be able to use an editing tool to create then it’s FCP 7 or AVID.

        If FCP X was so good then why do none of the major Broadcasters or Production house use it? Backwards comparability was an essential element them decided not to include at there peril!

      2. Todd M. says:

         Your right I don’t deserve it. I deserve BETTER than this joke of a editor. As do the hundreds of people who relied on it for major projects. If Pro-X was so good and such a fundimental jump. Why did Apple have to put Pro 7 back in the store for people to buy. BECAUSE NO ONE LIKED OR WANTED X.

    2. Video Editor says:

      You knows it!

  2. Todd M. says:

     I have played around with Pro-X and here is what I have found. (note all this is based solely on original release) At launch you could not install on multiple machines on single license purchase.  Working over a network was no longer allowed in the software, so sharing a project between multiple editors over a network was gone. It could not work with projects saved from previous versions. Dealing with Photoshop or Aftereffects was problematic to nonexistent.  Chroma Key functionality was so nerfed from previous versions it might as well have been removed. 

    Now lets look at something with similar abilities, NCH VideoPad. This is the program I use in my non-professional role as a youtube video maker. It allows multiple audio track editing, basic transitions and artificial camera moves via a pan and zoom tool. Subtitle’s, Title overlays and renders up to 1080i and only costs for it’s Pro version $80. It has basically the same abilities and functionality as Pro-X for much less money and is more intuitive to use and learn. If I were going to drop the cash for a Pro level editing suite I would go Avid before I bought this abomination of a bastardized App.

    Apple made the same mistake with Pro-X that Microsoft made with Movie Maker. Live Movie Maker is nothing more than a slide show creator with a video codec installed. It’s not designed for real video editing. Where as Movie Maker 2.6 actually allowed minimal video editing more effects, transitions, and audio tools and was actually useful for the beginner video creator. 

    Trust me if I head Ben Burt or some other big name editor come out and say Pro-X 10.3 is the best thing since sliced bread I might…MIGHT change my stance. But as it is with that this release has in it as well with what the APP had at release I still call foul on apple for destroying a relied on tool in order to pander to the iMovie crowd.

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