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Hands-On With the i’mWatch Connected Wristwatch at CES 2012

Hands-On With the i’mWatch Connected Wristwatch at CES 2012

Late last December, we covered a new and interesting product called i’mWatch – an elegant Android-based connected wristwatch that links with smartphones (including the iPhone). We’ve since been able to meet with company representatives for a hands-on demo.

From the original article:

When paired with a smartphone, the i’mWatch will display inbound calls, text messages, emails, Facebook and Twitter notifications, and other requested information such as current weather forecasts.  Additional functionality includes push notifications for stock market date, music downloads from i’music, a photo gallery application, and calendar appointment notifications with ability to check current appointment information.


As if using the watch as a notification hub was not enough, when receiving a call, the name and calling number will be displayed on the watch.  Utilizing the built-in speaker and microphone, the wearer can answer the call direct from the watch, without fumbling around to pull their phone from a jacket or bag.  Similarly, outbound calls can also be placed or initiated via the address book app from the watch.

It also tells time, analogue and digital time formats are options.

We were able to meet with i’mWatch representative Lucas Hwang at CES 2012, who gave us a hands-on demo (embedded below) of how the watch actually works – very interesting stuff, and definitely worth a look!

The device is also backed by a very flexible development program for developers to add future features and abilities to the device. The i’mWatch is available now starting at $249, with progressively fancier versions ranging as high as $1699. For more information, or to purchase, check out the official i’mWatch website.