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HP Envy 15 ‘Reinvents’ (Rips Off) the MacBook Pro

HP Envy 15 ‘Reinvents’ (Rips Off) the MacBook Pro

Apple HP has done a great job with one of their latest laptops: the Envy 15 – a gorgeous laptop with a brushed aluminum design that might as well be a MacBook Pro. But of course, HP didn’t just rip off Apple’s designs. Because nobody does that, right?

CultofMac points to Engadget’s review of the HP Envy 15, in which they conclude that the device definitely rips off the MacBook Pro.

Okay, time to get it out of your system. Say it with us: the Envy 15 unapologetically copies the MacBook Pro.

Despite its looks however, the device isn’t really up to par with the MacBook Pro. It’s heavier, has a worse display and touchpad, an inferior keyboard, and a shorter battery life. On the other hand, it is cheaper and has great speakers!

But HP stumbles in several critical areas […] A shame, since this is an otherwise speedy machine. Because of these shortcomings, the Envy 15 doesn’t best the MacBook Pro, though it admirably undercuts its lofty $1,800 starting price.

And there you have it. Yet another cheap (both definitions) and obvious ripoff of Apple’s designs. C’mon, HP – you can do better than this! Do you really want to become the next Samsung?

  1. Duozen says:

    Not surprised, one only copies the best. Makes me an even prouder Apple product owner. And since HP does these kind of things and that our dollars are the real world votes. I will never buy another HP or Samsung product nor invest in them.

    Hope we all realise this and stop supporting these companies, the only real way to do so is to hit them in the wallet.

    On a more positive note, Congrats to Nokia for not copying the iphone.

  2. Chandler T Wilson says:

    Fortunately  some of us in the world demand a bit more than “it just works” fan boy mentality. Not a real good review. @c1576dd9c47b31b40323549b5635ef32:disqus Be proud of the work you do with the computer or your kid. Not the computer itself. Who gives a shit. 

  3. Chris says:

    You paraphrase, and only take the criticisms from the Engadget review, and you ignore the parts where they say it improves on the laptop it mimics. And better yet- should you trick out the Envy to be anywhere near the base MBP price, it will  undoubtedly outperform it.

  4. Alex says:

    HAHA! You wrote:
    “C’mon, HP – you can do better than this! Do you really want to become the next Samsung?”

    I find it a Little bit funny. Guess WHO’s producing Apples retina display for iPads..
    Samsung does. Apple dont just copy samsung. They buy Samsungs products and put their own name on it.

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