iOS Tip: Music Volume Limit

iOS Tip: Music Volume Limit

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How To: Set The Music Volume Limit For iOS Devices

As a parent I am continuously worried about the impact of headphones and earplugs on my children. As a result I try to limit their usage of such accessories as my hearing has been damaged over the years listening to music through headphones at excessive levels.

Apple as with most other portable music player manufactures have introduced ‘Volume Limit’ to counteract the concerns of parents or for that matter anyone who has an interest in protecting one’s hearing.

Volume limit simply prevents the volume output from being raised higher than a preset rate.

To set this on your iOS device simply go into your settings area and click on the Music icon which will then load the relevant settings as can be seen in the above image.

Your next step will be to click on ‘Volume Limit’ which is ‘Off’ by default. Doing this will load the next screen as can be seen below:

You will notice that you have a volume slider bar and then a ‘Lock Volume Limit’ button. Simply drag the slider bar to indicate the maximum volume you wish this device to output then press ‘Lock Volume Limit’.

The next screen to appear, as can be seen below, will request you set a four digit passcode. You will also need to type the same passcode in a second time to confirm the first is correct.

Once the settings have been confirmed your display will look like this:

You will notice that the volume level bar is greyed out indicating it can not be changed.

Now a user of the device can change the volume up or down within the range of the preset limit.

A user can unlock the volume limit by simply clicking the unlock volume limit button and typing in the four digit passcode.