iSesamo: A New Take on the Old ‘Spudger’

iSesamo: A New Take on the Old ‘Spudger’

Most of you that have ever opened up an iPod or modified your MacBook have probably used a spudger, or at least heard the term. For many who work on Macs or iPods as a hobby (or a career), a spudger is a critical part of your toolbox. Newer Technologies wants to change all that, and have re-invented the spudger with a new product called the iSesamo.

The iSesamo is a very unique tool. Like a traditional nylon or metal spudger (pictured below), it features a couple of different edges that you can use to pry open cases, disconnect stubborn connectors, or pry things loose. But unlike a traditional spudger, the iSesamo is ultra-thin, extremely flexible, and much easier to grip.

Having recently been sent an iSesamo to try out, I quickly put it to the test by using it to help me swap the second hard drive in my MacBook Pro for its original optical drive, and then swapping them back again.

What I found is that the iSesamo is superior to all three types of spudgers I have used in the past – a black nylon spudger, a straight stainless steel spudger, and an angled stainless steel spudger with a hook.

While the iSesamo won’t be replacing my entire set of spudgers for all tasks, it does replace them for most, leaving me having to switch tools much less often. In the end, it’s just a cool, flexible $10 piece of metal with a rubber grip, but it’s so stupidly useful that I’m ashamed I didn’t think of it myself. The iSesamo is available now for $9.95 from NewerTech.