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Judge Sentences Killer, Criticizes Apple Store Employees for Lack of Action

Judge Sentences Killer, Criticizes Apple Store Employees for Lack of Action

A Maryland judge sentenced a convicted murdered to life in prison without parole on Friday, and also expressed his outrage at Bethesda Row Apple Store employees who heard the victim’s cries for help from the neighboring store, but did nothing.

Gary Allen reports for ifoAppleStore:

The family of victim Jayna Murray also criticized Apple and its employees, saying after the sentencing that they have never received any words of sympathy or apology from the company.

Montgomery County Circuit Judge Robert Greenberg’s voice showed anger while describing killer Brittany Norwood as, “cold-blooded… brutal… calculated… deliberate… devious… malicious.”

Norwood was an employee of Lululemon in March 2011, and was apparently caught stealing a pair of yoga pants after-hours by co-worker Jayna Murray. Norwood attacked Murray, inflicting at least 330 wounds with various objects, police said.

Judge Greenberg also vented his anger at Apple store employees, including manager Jana Svrzo. In testimony during the trial, Svrzo admitted the employees had heard a disturbance next door, and someone screaming, ”Oh, god, please help me.” However, none of the employees inquired next door or called police.

After killing Murray, Norwood tied herself up, slightly wounded herself, and told police that two men had robbed the store and killed Murray. However, her story began to unravel, and she was charged with murder.

Svrzo and Apple have declined to comment about the incident or the employees’ inaction. It is unknown if Svrzo still works for Apple.


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