Review: Smash Cops by Hutch

Review: Smash Cops by Hutch

Bursting onto the App Store with Smash Cops, Hutch Games is not a new comer to the video game industry.  Boasting former collaboration with several top-tier projects including Fable, Burnout, the EyeToy, and The Getaway series, Hutch Games uses their experience to develop an excellent iOS game for the Trooper-at-heart.

Simply put, Smash Cops is a brilliant police-chaser that defines the next generation of iOS gaming.  The game is so compelling, in fact, that I’ve put an iTunes link right here ($2.99) so you can skip the review and get straight to chasing.  Trust me, it’s that good.

For The Skeptics

So, you want to read a little more… you aren’t convinced.  No iOS game is that good. False.  


Although I played Smash Cops on an iPhone 4, the graphics were still stunning and while there are no sweeping landscape scenes with snow covered mountains, Hutch gives Infinity Blade a run for the money.  In addition to excellent graphics, Smash Cops employs a Havoc-esque physics engine allowing you to run the cruiser straight through a phone booth, complete with smashing glass.  Everything on the side of the road is destructible – mailboxes, gates, other cars, and fire hydrants, which spray water when dislodged.

The sense of speed is accurately tailored for mobile devices and, although the view is from above, the streets still blur by convincingly.  However, the thrill of the chase is not the only thing that will keep you coming back for more.   Several mission types prevent the game from becoming repetitive. Stages vary from time trials to suspect deliveries while being chased by their low-life felon friends.  To unlock these future levels, a 5-star rating system is used to judge personal achievement in each level, which is  Game Center integrated.  In addition to level progression, as player skill increases, new cruisers are made available in the garage.


The game control is intuitive, simple, and ingenious.  To guide the police cruiser, simply place a finger behind the vehicle and slide right/left to steer.  Admittedly, this took time to learn; however, I found it most effective as I became used to the new system.  The learning curve was flattened in about 5 minutes of continuous play and if the new control system is not your style, a virtual joystick can be activated in the settings.

While there is a way to control vehicle steering, there is not an accelerator or brake.  Once you place your finger, it is full-throttle.  I did not find this to be an issue, as the objective, after all, is to destroy other vehicles by… well, smashing into them.

Conclusion [rating: 5/5]

This Burnout inspired, open world police chaser will define future games.  Smash Cops’ ($2.99, App Store) open-world environment with destructive capabilities are industry leading.  Coupling those features with adrenaline pumping chase scenes through crowded streets ensures Smash Cops will be an iOS gaming front-runner, destine for the App Store Top 10 Downloads.


Smash Cops has been named iPhone Game of the Week by Apple!  Just two days after its release, Smash Cops predictably took iOS gaming by force.  As of January 21, 10:15 EST, Smash Cops is fiercely approaching the top, currently holding top 8 downloads in the App Store.  Join us in congratulating Hutch Games for their excellence by messaging them @hutchgames.


  • Open-world environment
  • Innovative control system
  • Sense of speed
  • Stunning crashes and destructible items
  • Creative, distinct areas of the city
  • iOS Universal – no need to buy iPhone and HD iPad versions
  • Satisfyingly fresh approach to the police-chase genre for iOS


  • The iPhone screen is a bit small for this type of game (but that’s not really Hutch’s fault)