This iWatch 2 Concept is the iOS-Powered Smart Watch of the Future

This iWatch 2 Concept is the iOS-Powered Smart Watch of the Future

Using an iPod nano as a wrist watch has become quite a trend since Steve Jobs jokingly hinted about the idea when unveiling the latest version of the device. But using an iPod nano as a wristwatch has its limitations. This cool iWatch 2 concept pointed out by Redmond Pie takes the Apple watch concept to a whole new level, offering a beautiful design and a delightful level of function.

With devices like the i’m Watch and other Android wristwatches beginning to hit the scene that go beyond the capabilities of the iPod nano, it may be time for Apple to get in the “Smart Watch” game, and designer Antonio De Rosa does a great job of showing what such a device might look like in the real world.

The imaginary watch, which is itself a revised version of a previous iWatch concept, features the gorgeous aluminum and glass construction that the iPhone and iPad are so well known for.

Just as fascinating as the hardware design, however, is the interface. De Rosa has managed to produce a very Apple-like interface that resembles iOS, and would make a lovely front for accessing the watch’s features.

The iWatch 2 concept features WiFi and Bluetooth support to connect with your iOS devices, and would allow you to access missed calls, Twitter feed, and RSS on the device, as well as a front-facing camera which could be used for FaceTime. It even includes a tiny LCD projector!

It’s likely that Apple would settle on a simpler and less feature-laden design if they ever decided to release something of this nature, but De Rosa’s concept is nevertheless extremely interesting! Check out the full post with more images over at De Rosa’s blog.