UpNext Brings Impressive 3D Mapping to the iPad

UpNext Brings Impressive 3D Mapping to the iPad

3D mapping technology is about to make a big splash on the iPad – Mapping company UpNext has released a new iPad app with impressive 3D mapping, featuring a full 3D representation of nearly 50 cities, as well as built-in social check-in features.

TechCrunch spent some time with the new app recently, and came away pretty impressed:

I am seriously impressed. The resolution is great and the onscreen update speed is amazing. It offers the best of services like Google Maps alongside real city imagery, allowing you to use the map to orient yourself in 3D space. A blinking dot on a 2D street-scape works, but a 3D dot in a 3D city works even better.

A unique feature called “enhanced 3D” is even available for about half of those cities, which builds detailed building and road images into its standard 3D mapping.

If you find this concept even remotely interesting, head on over to the App Store and download UpNext HD Maps for iPad – it’s free (App Store link), and provides a neat glimpse into the future of mapping technology.