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Whited00r Brings ‘iOS 5’ to Older iOS Devices

Whited00r Brings ‘iOS 5’ to Older iOS Devices

As iOS  continues to evolve and gain new and interesting features, older devices are often left in the dust, as they can’t support Apple’s latest firmware. But all is not lost – TechCrunch points out a new custom hack called Whited00r which might be just what the doctor ordered.

Whited00r is a custom firmware for your iOS device, which brings make of the features in Apple’s latest firmware to elderly devices that can’t keep up with Apple’s rapid release cycles. What’s even more interesting is that the hack does not require a jailbreak.

The custom firmware adds features such as multitasking, app folders, reminders, and video recording, and even brings iCloud-like functionality using Dropbox as its storage system.

It’s important to note, however, that Whited00r is NOT iOS (as demonstrated by the above video)- it’s merely made to look and act like iOS. In reality, it’s just an extra custom layer that runs on iOS 3.1.3. Because it’s not official, it’s not supported by Apple, and as with all hacks and non-official updates you might do to an iOS devices, it does carry the risk of potentially bricking your device and making it unusable.

In the end, it’s up to you to decide whether or not this is worth the risk. On the one hand, you could gain some great new features that would otherwise be off limits. On the other hand, you could mess up your device. But hey – if you do brick your iPod touch, isn’t it time to consider buying a new one anyway?

For more information, or to download whited00r (at your own risk), head on over to the official webpage.