Xbox Live Games May Be Coming to iOS

Xbox Live Games May Be Coming to iOS

Judging by a new job listing on Microsoft’s career site, the company may be preparing to bring the Xbox Live experience to iOS and other playforms, which would bring a swarm of popular new games to the App Store.

The official job description reads as follows (as reported by Macgasm):

Xbox LIVE Mobile team is looking for a passionate and experienced developer to join us brining Xbox LIVE entertainment experiences to various mobile platforms. As the team inside IEB (Interactive Entertainment Business) dedicated to mobile experiences, we work closely with console software team and Xbox LIVE services team to bring the latest and greatest gaming and entertainment experience to mobile platforms including Windows Phone, iOS and other mobile platforms.

While the wording is somewhat vague, it does very much sound as though Microsoft could be working on porting its Xbox Live platform to mobile devices. A number of Microsoft apps are already available on the App Store, including an official Xbox Live companion app.

What’s especially interesting is that the job listing specifically mentions iOS and other mobile platforms, suggesting that Microsoft isn’t interested in keeping Xbox Live content as a Windows Phone exclusive.