Android Users More Likely to Have Sex on The First Date

Android Users More Likely to Have Sex on The First Date

The kind of phone a person owns can say a lot about the kind of lifestyle they lead.  Now, the folks at have released the findings of a survey of more than 1,000 Canadian singles.

Tom’s Guide¬†reports:

…it’s a well-known fact that BlackBerrys are generally seen as the businessman’s smartphone while iOS or Android devices are typically used for more social or casual correspondences. However, what you might not know, is that your phone can also apparently say something about your dating habits. recently did a survey on the dating habits of more than 1000 of its Canadian users and compared that data to the kind of phones they use. iPhone users were dubbed ‘The Office Romantic’ as they were found to be most likely to date someone from work. They’re also guilty of calling after only about a day has passed since the date, while Android and BlackBerry users will play it cool by waiting two or even three days. labeled Android users as “The Seducers”. They are most likely to seduce, or be seduced on the first date, 62% saying they’ve had sex after the first date, while 57% of iPhone users say they’ve done the nasty on date one. BlackBerry users are the one’s who hold onto their virtue the longest, with 48% reporting that they’ve given it up on the first date.

The survey results show that Android users are most likely to have a one night stand.

BlackBerry users seem to be the most shy and romantic of smartphone users, as 72% of BlackBerry users will have an alcoholic drink on the first date. 67% say they’ve experienced love at first sight.

Aside from being easier than other smartphone users, Android users are also the most active in online dating. 72% of Android using respondents have visited online dating sites. This compares to 58% of iPhone users, and 50% of BlackBerry users.

The survey did not report on how many users used protection. For their phones.

“Hi, I couldn’t help but notice you have an Android smartphone there on the bar, how YOU Doin’?”