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Apple HDTV Controlled by Voice and Hand Gestures, Already in Testing at Rogers and BCE

Apple HDTV Controlled by Voice and Hand Gestures, Already in Testing at Rogers and BCE

Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail (via MacRumors) released a very interesting report yesterday, claiming that Apple is seeking launch partnerships for their HDTV, and that Rogers and BCE are already testing the device in their labs.

They’re not closed to doing it with one [company] or doing it with two,” said one source who is familiar with the talks. “They’re looking for a partner. They’re looking for someone with wireless and broadband capabilities.”

Another source, also speaking on the condition of anonymity, said Rogers and Bell already have the product in their labs.

Some alleged details about the television are also provided. According to the report, the device will use Siri to help viewers control the television and make programming choices, as well as support for hand gestures:

Viewers can then control the TV by voice or hand gestures, all from the comfort of a couch. An on-screen keyboard, meanwhile, can also be activated in a similar manner, allowing viewers to surf the web, conduct video chats and use social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook – all without any physical interface.

Without any physical interface? That certainly sounds exciting. Controlling the device with voice commands and hand gestures with no need for a remote would be a pretty spectacular feature, and would help set Apple apart from other television manufacturers from the very beginning.

The report goes on to cite analysts on other details of the set. Apple doesn’t typically allow this sort of testing outside of their own labs, but considering that The Globe and Mail is Canada’s single largest newspaper by circulation, and has a decent reputation, I’m not willing to cast this rumor aside just yet.

  1. JG says:

    And once again I gotta call bull on these reports from “sources close to the project”.  It’s a bit like claiming I found all of Steve Jobs secret notes while dumpster diving near his home and have a sketch drawn on a napkin which details what the new Apple TV is going to look like and how it works.

    I think this is the one thing which has always annoyed me the most about tech publications and writers.  This incessant need to start or continue what are currently baseless rumors no parts of which can’t be validated in any way what so ever.

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