Apple Warns Developers Not to Cheat on App Store Rankings

Apple Warns Developers Not to Cheat on App Store Rankings

Apple has sent a notice to their App Store developers warning them not to manipulate their App Store rankings, reports MacRumors. There are a number of third-party app promotion services that can place your app higher in the App Store’s rankings for a fee, but Apple cautions that these services are not acceptable, and that developers found manipulating their App Store rankings will be banned.

Adhering to Guidelines on Third-Party Marketing Services
Feb 6, 2012

Once you build a great app, you want everyone to know about it. However, when you promote your app, you should avoid using services that advertise or guarantee top placement in App Store charts. Even if you are not personally engaged in manipulating App Store chart rankings or user reviews, employing services that do so on your behalf may result in the loss of your Apple Developer Program membership. Get helpful tips and resources on marketing your apps the right way from the App Store Resource Center.

While these sorts of services are nothing new, additional attention has been called to then recently, catching Apple’s attention and causing them to take appropriate measures.

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