Could Apple’s Share Price Hit $1,000?

Could Apple’s Share Price Hit $1,000?

Apple’s share price is now comfortably sitting at over $500 dollars, but SmartMoney’s Jack Hough is already speculating that it could rise much further. Indeed, he said that there is no reason to believe that Apple’s share price will stop rising, especially as their share price has doubled five times in the past decade.

Hough also compared the situation to Microsoft’s during the internet boom in late 1999, when Microsoft reached a value of around $600 billion, but also said that there were some differences:

Apple today produces more than triple the profit that Microsoft did back then, not adjusted for inflation. Another important difference: Microsoft in late 1999 controlled more than 90% of the market for personal-computer operating systems, according to some estimates. Apple controlled 26.6% of the mobile-computing market in the fourth quarter of 2011, including notebooks and tablets, according to NPD DisplaySearch, which provides research for the display industry.

So, it seems that there is nothing to stop Apple reaching a four figure share price, especially as their market in China is booming like never before.

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