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Dell: ‘We’re No Longer a PC Company’

Dell: ‘We’re No Longer a PC Company’

Well that’s one less direct “competitor” for Apple to deal with. PCPro reports that Ben Anderson, the president of Dell’s enterprise solution, declared at a recent product launch that Dell were ‘no longer a PC company’ and that they were ‘an IT company’ which provided ‘IT solutions that let companies drive efficiencies’.

‘Dell’s changing very quickly,’ he added. ‘We are dramatically changing the make-up of our business.’

Dell’s decision to focus more on enterprise and less on the consumer will no doubt be music to the ears of Apple, even though in the past few years, Dell have not seriously been competing with Apple in terms of sales and profits.

“We think our strategy is the right one,” Anderson said. He went on to state that its recent full-year results “validates” the success of their business-focused strategy.