iPad 2 Yanked from Amazon China For Unknown Reasons

iPad 2 Yanked from Amazon China For Unknown Reasons

Apple’s iPad 2 has been removed from Amazon China, reports MacRumors (via TechInAsia), likely over the recent trademark dispute from Proview Technology over the ‘iPad’ name. The exact reasons for the removal, however, have yet to be determined.

MIC Gadget reports that the removal request was apparently made by Apple itself rather than Proview, leaving many to wonder exactly what factors are behind the request:

According to an Amazon China spokesman, the withdrawal is on the notice of Apple and also it’s the adjustment on its sales strategy […]

Meanwhile, Apple has not made any comments on the issue, and Apple’s staffs in China refuse to reply too. However, as confessed by the lawyer of Proview, Proview did not apply for the administrative ban on the online sale of iPad in Beijing where Amazon China is located; also he has no idea about Apple’s demand for the iPad withdrawal from Amazon China.

iPads were reportedly confiscated from retailers by Chinese authorities yesterday in response to the dispute, but this is the first time Apple has requested products to be removed from sale. Curiously, Apple’s own Online Store for China continues to offer the iPad 2, making its removal from Amazon even more interesting.