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LTE Micro-SIM Cards Arriving at AT&T, Possibly for iPad 3

LTE Micro-SIM Cards Arriving at AT&T, Possibly for iPad 3

AT&T is replacing all of their micro-SIM cards with new LTE-capable micro-SIM’s, reports phoneArena, sparking speculation that the iPad 3 may include LTE support, as previously rumored.

Your existing micro-SIM in your iPhone or other device will continue to work. but all new SIM cards from this point forward will be compatible with the faster LTE 4G mobile data standard.

It’s possible that the new cards are intended for the upcoming Nokia Lumia smartphone, but considering previous evidence suggesting LTE support in the iPad 3, as well as the fact that Apple was responsible for AT&T adopting the micro-SIM card for the iPhone, it’s not unreasonable to suggest that the iPad 3 may be part of the reason as well.

Recently leaked pictures of iPad 3 parts also back up this possibility, showing an antenna that is significantly different than that of the iPad 2, suggesting that Apple may change the iPad’s connectivity options.


&T has begun replacing its existing micro-SIMs with a new card that is capable of connecting to its LTE network. While you won’t need to replace the micro-SIM you’ve already got in your iPhone, you may need one for your iPad 3 next month.The image was provided to phoneArena by a “store contact,” who reports that staff have been instructed to scrap their existing micro-SIMs in favor of these new ones. However, the memo (below) did not specify why, or which device the card is being introduced for.

However, it has sparked speculation that the carrier is preparing itself for the launch of an LTE-equipped iPad 3. Apple’s third-generation tablet is rumored to be the first of its devices to get super-speedy 4G data, with leaked shots of its internal specifications seemingly confirming the feature earlier this month.

Furthermore, iPad 3 parts sent in to Cult of Mac prove that the device’s antenna with be significantly different to that of the iPad 2, indicating a change to its connectivity options.

But then there’s also a possibility that those LTE-capable micro-SIMs are simply for the upcoming Nokia Lumia 900.

Phone Arena reports that AT&T has begun supplying its retailers with LTE-compatible micro-SIM cards, requesting that existing micro-SIM stocks be scrapped in favor of the new ones supporting the latest networks offering faster data speeds. The obvious explanation for the shift is the launch of the Nokia Lumia 900 next month, but speculation naturally also turns to Apple’s plans for its upcoming devices.

Phone Arena suggests that the LTE-enabled micro-SIM cards could eventually be used in the iPhone 5, but the much nearer term launch for Apple is the iPad 3, which has been rumored to offer support for LTE. So while the new micro-SIM cards may not be appearing solely for the iPad 3, it is interesting to note that they are now available on AT&T should Apple launch an iPad 3 with LTE capabilities.