iOS 5.1 to Bring Rich Text to Notes?

iOS 5.1 to Bring Rich Text to Notes?

The iOS 5.1 beta, released to certain developers, has revealed that we could be seeing a new version of Notes in the near future, iGeneration reports. Expected to be released in March, iOS 5.1 seemingly features a version of Notes that allows you to change the color of the text, but also the style and the format.

It certainly looks pretty awesome. I use Notes often and it can’t be denied that one thing it does need is a bit of color! The new Notes app in Mountain Lion will contain such features, so this makes a fair degree of sense.

  1. ChaosCoder says:

    Maybe we even get Rich Text support for standard UI elements like text view or text field. THAT would be awesome.

  2. Moo says:

    Looks a bit photoshopped to me

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