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Poll: Will You Be Buying an iPad 3?

Poll: Will You Be Buying an iPad 3?

Now that Apple has confirmed an iPad media event will be held on March 7th, how many of you are planning to purchase Apple’s new device? Personally, a speed increase and a high-res Retina display have me sold!

If the iPad 3 really is what everyone seems to have been expecting (and I’m inclined to think that will be the case), it seems like a no-brainer for anyone who already plans to buy an iPad – but perhaps less of an obvious choice for those that already own an iPad or iPad 2. Let us know your plans by voting in our poll!

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  1. Guest says:

    Your reasons in getting the new iPad are exactly the same for me. I have iPad 1 and it’s just too slow (app startup and switching app). Also I recently had a pdf document emailed to me to sign. Not being able to make out the letters while in full page view & having to zoom are a quite hassle.

  2. I’m more interested in the rumored Apple TV.

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