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  • Review: What’s Going Down – Update All Your Social Networks Simultaneously From Your iOS Device

Review: What’s Going Down – Update All Your Social Networks Simultaneously From Your iOS Device

Review: What’s Going Down – Update All Your Social Networks Simultaneously From Your iOS Device

Using social media is a fun way to connect with the world, but it is complicated to update each venue separately.  As opposed to individually logging into each service, “What’s Going Down?” is a new iPhone app that updates several media outlets simultaneously.  A simplistic interface easily navigates the user through the post process and provides optional customization for themes, picture frames, and photo filters.

Functionality and Design

“What’s Going Down” manages Twitter (multiple accounts), Facebook, Tumbler, Foursquare, and Instagram.  Utilizing a slider-down style interface, the settings and customization options are revealed.  The scrolling menu bar contains three attachment options: camera; media; and music.  Choosing the camera option opens the camera app and imbeds the captured photo, which is similar to adding a twitpic from the native Twitter application.  Media attachments will add photos and videos that are already stored on your iDevice.  Interestingly, the music option grabs the now playing information from the iPod app and places a link to that information in the user post/tweet/status update.

When adding a picture from the camera or the photo library, decorative frames and filters can be added.  The app comes with 11 native frames and includes options to download additional frames for free.  The download feature keeps the initial app download size small and allows individual users to customize the app to their preferences.  Seven filters are included, but presently, there is not an option to download more.

For on-the-go-social-media-updaters, tap the walking stick figure to activate the camera while still composing an update.  The app background becomes a live feed from the camera! …perfect for Tweeting and driving(?).  On a personal side note, if you need to activate this feature, it is probably best to stop doing whatever you are doing, then send your message!  Additional features include three free downloadable themes, which can be added and maintained from within the app, and the option to change shortened URLs to either “swag.ly,” “cray.gd,” or “is.gd.”

Conclusion [rating: 4/5]

If searching for a quick way to update several social networks quickly, definitely download “What’s Going Down?” (free, iTunes Link). Overall, the app is minimalistic and employs an attractive, customizable interface.  With the added benefit of media attachments, the app is an all inclusive way to quickly post your message.  Keep in mind, this app does not allow users to check their friends or followers feeds; “What’s Going Down” is ONLY a posting app.  Aside from the app constantly badgering me to turn on my location settings, it cleanly and intuitively provides a neat way to update your networks.  To check out “What’s Going Down” in action, watch the developer’s preview below.


  • Update several media outlets at once
  • Multiple Twitter accounts
  • Theme-able interface
  • Attach media
  • Apply frames and filters to pictures
  • Download additional frames
  • Update your status without blocking your view
  • Customizable shortened URLs
  • Free!


  • Constantly begs for user location information
  • Only posts to your social outlets – cannot view other’s feeds