Why An Apple–TomTom Agreement Would Make Perfect Sense

Why An Apple–TomTom Agreement Would Make Perfect Sense

Rabo Securities, a Dutch bank, has suggested that an agreement, and potential takeover of TomTom by Apple could be on the cards, especially as it would make a lot of sense for the latter, MacGeneration reports.

It can’t be denied that the iPhone’s GPS is not great, especially compared to some of the apps you can buy on the app store. A TomTom agreement or potential takeover would mean that they could ship the iPhone with a top quality GPS, and it would add yet another feature to the iPhone.

Even though this is purely hypothetical at this stage, with the free cash that Apple have burning a hole in their pocket, TomTom would no doubt be a great investment.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Didn’t they buy a navigation company a while back? Correct me if I’m wrong because I’m no Apple expert.

  2. Deric says:

    Aside from your confusing double-negative statement, the gps on the iphone is just fine. The third-party apps you buy on the app store use the same internal gps info that is interpreted with the stock maps app.

    Additionally, a $60 tomtom app is already available on the app store that uses the tomtom software.

    I don’t see a point in the takeover since every company shares gps satellites that are maintained by the U.S. government, so a takeover wouldn’t actually improve your alleged “not great” gps. The only difference is software interpretation, and tomtom’s is already available on iOS.

  3. Avi says:

    It can be denied, indeed. I use tomtom on the iPhone, software only, without their antenna, for years now and the built in gps is great (and I believe it improved as I upgraded my iPhone.) Sure, iOS could really use this app built-in and better integrated. Perhaps that’s what you meant when you say “GPS”? This does not make sense.

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