Apple Boosts Mobile App Store Download Limit to 50MB

Apple Boosts Mobile App Store Download Limit to 50MB

The Retina display in Apple’s third-gen iPad may be impressive, but it also means bigger app file sizes for many iOS device users – even users of devices other than the new iPad, due to many apps coming in universal versions for all devices.

This would be a concern to users that depend on 3G (or 4G) to download apps, as we discussed in a previous article. Fortunately, Apple has raised the over-the-air download limit to 50MB rather than 25MB (as noted by AppAdvice) to compensate for the larger size of apps with universal Retina counterparts.

The 50MB download limit covers all of Apple’s iOS devices, and should make it easier for developers, as they’ll have to struggle less to keep their apps under the download limit.


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