AutoCAD 2013 Now Available For Mac

AutoCAD 2013 Now Available For Mac

The thirteenth edition of AutoCAD by Autodesk is now available for both Mac and Windows – the first time . It will set you back $4295, but if you’re a design expert,  this is probably the most extensive piece of 3D design software on the market.

New features in this year’s edition include new views for certain sections, inbuilt cloud functionality and more sharing options via Facebook and Twitter.

This is what the pros use, and some of the examples of what you can produce with it are stunning (see above). I haven’t seen that level of detail anywhere else, so if you’re a professional graphic designer and can afford it, it’s definitely worth considering. You can also try it for free here (you have to register).

  1. Ocaviator says:

    Best 3D? I’ll take SolidWorks or Pro-E any day over AutoCAD. Just run them under boot camp.

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