iPad 3 to be in Short Supply At Launch?

iPad 3 to be in Short Supply At Launch?

If you’re hoping to get your hands on an iPad 3 at or near launch day, you’d better get your pre-order in early. If the latest reports are to be believed, the iPad 3 could be in extremely short supply at launch due to Retina display shortages.

DigiTimes reports:

Apple may not unable to ramp up the supply of its next-generation iPads (iPad 3), which are expected to be launched at a company event on March 7, due to insufficient supply of high resolution displays, according to industry sources in the supply chain.

While DigiTimes‘ track record is spotty at best, this particular report makes a lot of sense. Retina displays are difficult to manufacture in mass quantities, and previous reports have suggested there may be supply shortages.

Apple’s latest devices are often faced with early shortages, such as last year’s iPad 2 launch, in which many purchasers had to wait several weeks to get their hands on a device, and physical retailers weren’t able to keep them in stock for months after the initial release.