Review: Air Jump – A New Endless Runner Game For iOS

Review: Air Jump – A New Endless Runner Game For iOS

One of the more popular genres for iOS games the past few years or so has been the endless runner. The developers, Avallon Alliance Ltd., aims to work on the success of the genre and take it one step further by adding role playing elements. Air Jump ($0.99, App Store Link), a universal app, is a challenging endless runner in which you dodge enemies, collect items and use to your advantage, and run, or in this case, jump your way through unique levels.


In Air Jump, you play as the small, yellow and round character who goes by the name, Sylf. You jump on platforms collecting different items along the way. When you reach the totem or the end of a stage, you meet with Master Zen Bao, who gives you advice on the next stage such as how to avoid enemies, earn more points, and the different items you can collect. You can also gain points by jumping on the same colored gem platform two or more times. Once you reach a totem and onto the next stage, you would think if you die on that stage, you would simply be able to start over at that stage.

That isn’t the case though. You have to start all the way from the beginning at the first stage. This can get frustrating at times, especially for someone who plays casually. Since the levels are so long you would have imagined you would be able to continue at the next totem, but of course since this is an endless runner, I can understand why they chose to go the way they did.


The controls of Air Jump are pretty simple. Like any endless runner, there isn’t too much you have to learn or get used to as far as controls go. You tilt your device to the right to advance throughout the stage. The more you tilt your device, the faster Sylf will go. To slow down, just tilt back to the left. You can go from platform to platform which will make Sylf jump automatically. If you need to jump further, you can also jump by touching the screen and double jump by tapping twice. On top of this, if you’re in  a bind and you fall off a platform, Sylf also has the ability to jump mid-air. Air Jump has a fun control scheme which makes it easy to pick up and play just as any endless runner should.


Avallon Alliance has done a good job with the graphics. I like the more cartoonish look they’re going for with the older feel of platforms that you may have played back in the day. To me it doesn’t seem like they used the iPhone’s retina display to it’s full advantage.  Even though this may be the case, Air Jump still is great to look at. There is a lot of color on the stages themselves and the characters alike. The background, even though it’s much of the same on whichever stage you’re on, sticks out fairly well.


Air Jump is a great platform game with a lot of challenging stages that will keep you wanting more. It can get frustrating at times, having to start over from the beginning. As far as the platforming goes, it doesn’t change drastically through each stage, which would keep the game fresh. You can collect power ups and armor which can make the game more fun. The enemies are pretty different from each other, though they’re not too animated, which would have been a good change of pace. If you’re a fan of endless runners, I would defiantly recommend Air Jump.

Price:  ($0.99, App Store Link)

Rating: 3.5/5[rating:3.5]


  • Challenging stages
  • Simple controls


  • Starting from the beginning again without points being saved
  • Can get frustrating for casual gamers