Review: Pin Master HD – A Better Way to Bookmark Your Location

Review: Pin Master HD – A Better Way to Bookmark Your Location

There is a wide selection of bookmarking apps on the App Store which allow you to share your location and add specific options to that bookmark, such as a title, a note, or a location., and maybe sharing that location. Besides the interface, most of these apps all have similar features. Pin Master HD (Free, App Store Link) from developer Oblivious Apps takes it a few steps further and allows you to add photos, group your bookmarks, and add custom fields and a rating.


You can create your own group of pins and put them into a specific category if you tend to visit one particular category often. For instance, if you want to save your favorite restaurants, you would group those bookmarks. When you find a certain location you would like to pin, you can just select in on the map or type the address in.

Apparently you can’t search for a business, or any location for that matter, but instead you have to enter the address in. This might be an issue for some users who aren’t sure what the physical address of that location is. If they’re in that exact place at that time, they can bookmark it then with no problem, however, if they’re not in the area and you want pin a location, you enter in the address.

Assigning information and custom fields is really where Pin Master HD shines. First you drop the pin or search for an address, secondly you select a category, give it a title, add a few notes, enter a rating of anywhere from 1 to 5 stars, and add custom fields. There are so many options and editable categories, which makes Pin Master HD  one of the best bookmark location tools currently on the App Store.


Another area Pin Master HD has covered pretty well is the ability to share a location. You are able to share pins to Facebook, Twitter, text messaging, and email. If someone exports and sends you a pin, you can load that pin into your phone and make changes. You can sync a collection of pins  and send them as email attachments. When the person you’re sending it to receives the attachment and open it, it gets added to their map. If you already have the same pin as your friend, the contents of that pin get updated on their map. You can also export your places as a spreadsheet.

Master Pin HD is a great bookmark location app with so many editable features. The app has a smooth interface and easy navigation. Master Pin HD is free, but with a $0.99 in-app purchase, you can upgrade to unlimited pins. With all the options this app has to offer, you won’t want to turn to any other bookmark location app. Once thing I would have like see is the ability to change pins to a different color besides green, so you can tell a location apart while looking at the map. Other than that, Master Pin HD is a nice bookmark location app that goes above and beyond its counterparts on the app store.

Price: (Free, App Store Link)

Rating: 4/5[rating:4]


  • A wide variety of option for editing pins
  • Share pins through Facebook, Twitter, email, and text
  • Great interface


  • Only one color for pins
  • Can’t search for a business by name

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