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  • Review: Q Card Case by CM4 – A Slim, Minimal Wallet Case For Your iPhone

Review: Q Card Case by CM4 – A Slim, Minimal Wallet Case For Your iPhone

Review: Q Card Case by CM4 – A Slim, Minimal Wallet Case For Your iPhone

Over the past few years or so, I have run into many different iPhone cases. Most of these have been good, a few others not so much. More recently however, there has been somewhat of a trend of iPhone cases with wallets attached. The Q Card Case ($39.99, Link) by CM4 is just that, but more compact than other wallet cases I’ve seen on the market.

To call the Q Card case just a case would be unjustified. It’s a lot more than that with the addition of a wallet, but I think it’s not quite a replacement for a stand-alone wallet. Nonetheless, the Q Card Case is still a great hybrid of an iPhone case and a wallet if you prefer to keep it light for someone who usually doesn’t have a lot of cards or cash to carry. The Q Card case is made up of soft-touch rubber as far as the case goes, and faux leather for the wallet side.

The Q Card Case features natural throw buttons for volume and sleep. They feel quite responsive. The volume buttons especially feel accurate, but the sleep button isn’t as responsive. I found myself having to press it a few times to get any response through the case. I noticed the case isn’t too thick or bulky, even with cards in the wallet, it fits just as well as any other slimmer case would.

The Q Card Case can hold up to 3 cards plus cash. With those 3 cards in the wallet, it felt really tight. The cards wouldn’t fall out at all, as long as you don’t put any more cards in the wallet, which can stretch the fabric and make the few cards in the wallet looser.  I rarely carry cash on me, but if you do, it would go in the same slot as the cards. The only problem with this is, if you’re carrying a larger amount of bills, they won’t all fit. Also, you’re cash and cards may stick out of the wallet a little bit and get exposed, which may attract some unwanted attention.

The case also comes with a scratch resistant screen protector and a microfiber cloth. I would have liked to see the case portion detach from the wallet, allowing you to separate the two if needed. Even more so, it would have been convenient to see the phone case collapse if you didn’t have your phone inside, allowing you to use the wallet by itself.

The Q Card Case is a really solid option if you’re looking for a sturdy, protective case. I happened to drop my phone a few times, and there wasn’t even a scratch, thanks to the case. Unlike a lot of other cases that are just as thick, if not more, the Q Card Case feels like it has just the right dimensions to fit comfortably in your pocket and while you’re holding it in your hand. Once in a while it feels like it can slip out of your hands if you don’t have a strong grip on the phone, but nevertheless, all around, it’s a great case with plenty of protection and just enough space to replace your wallet. The Q Card case for the iPhone 4 and 4S comes in black with an option to purchase in white coming the end of the month.

Price: ($39.99, Link)

Rating: 4/5[rating:4]


  • Great and simple design
  • Provides plenty of protection
  • Nice blend of soft-touch rubber and faux leather


  • Besides cash, the case only fits 3 cards